goals怎么读 goals如何读

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Part 1 写作四大框架

Part 2 写作的7个押题

Part 3 写作的5个段子

Part 4 翻译重点词汇

Part 1 写作四大框架



Thereare mainly two factors contributing to this social phenomenon/ my preference/the correctness of this principle.

Tobegin with, _______.



Thereis much controversy over _______(议题).

Somepeople argue that _______.

Nevertheless,other people adopt a completely different view. They believe that ______.


Tohandle the issue properly, in my mind, it calls for the efforts from all sides.

Frommy perspective, ______.

Inthe meantime, _____.


Thereare mainly two aspects concerning the benefits/challenges/consequences of______.

Onthe one hand, ______.

Onthe other, _____.

Part 2 写作的7个押题


Directions:For this part, you are allowed 30 minutes to write a short essay commenting onthe saying “honesty is the best policy”.

点评:诚信类话题是最近社会的焦点,其实早在1999年考研就考察过,类似的话题为不文明行为(uncivilized behavior)/不道德行为(immoralbehavior)/不诚信行为(dishonest behavior)。


As an ancient proverb goes,“honesty is the best policy.” Simple as the saying may seem, it obviouslyemphasizes the importance of honesty in the society. It goes without sayingthat honesty plays a fundamental role in our daily interaction.

Unfortunately, honesty seems to belost in contemporary society. Several factors could account for this tendency.To begin with, in modern society where competition is intense, young people areunder enormous strain from their work and family. To earn a living, a growingnumber of individuals tend to attach less importance to the moral code likehonesty, but more importance to their own benefits. Furthermore, it iseducation that should be blamed. Schools nowadays tend to pay special attentionto the students’ academic scores rather than their morality. As a result,honesty becomes a rare quality among youngsters.

To sum up, I personally argue thatdue attention should be given to dishonest behaviors. The fundamental way inwhich the government addresses the problem is to raise the public awareness.The mass media should also join in the efforts in educating the citizens. Onlythrough concerted steps can our society have more peace and harmony.






公德 public morality

食品安全 food safety

盗版商品 pirated products

伪劣商品 fake commodities

品牌声誉 brand reputation

形象建立 image building

欺诈行为 dishonest behavior


Directions:For this part, you are allowed 30 minutes to write a composition on the topic“the advantages and disadvantages of recreational activities”.

点评:四级考试偏重于说明,比如介绍下娱乐活动的利弊;六级考试更偏向议论,比如曾经考过如何平衡工作指责和娱乐活动。该类话题可以拓展:住校的优缺点;考试的优缺点,兼职(taking a part-time job)的优缺点。万能理由很值得学习。


The recreational activity is ofutmost importance in our normal life. We can experience a great manyrecreational activities on campus. For example, as a sophomore, I have been amember of the school’s tennis club, and have also enjoyed playing tennis withmy friends after class.

There are two aspects concerningrecreational activities. On the bright side, while college life tends to bevery stressful, recreational activities can enrich our life and relax our mind.A student can also widen his circle of friends through these activities. However,there are drawbacks. Excessive recreational activities may interfere with ourstudy. Therefore, students cannot concentrate on their learning and may evenfail in the exams.

To sum up, the recreationalactivity is just like a double-edged sword. We might bear in mind that it canexert both positive and negative influence on our life. However, we can avoidthose undesirable effects, when making full use of it.






enrichone’s life 丰富生活

broadenone’s horizon 扩展思维

enlargeone’s experiences 丰富经历

expandone’s range of knowledge 扩展知识面

releaseone’s pressure 释放压力

relaxone’s mind 放松心情

havea temporary escape from the academic workload 从学习中短暂逃脱

widenone’s circle of friends 拓展朋友圈


Directions:For this part, you are allowed 30 minutes to write a composition on the topic“Internet and Potential Risks”.

点评:关于科技类已经一段时间没有涉及了,个人认为网络的热度并未消除,相反与其相关的内容非常容易考察。比如网络和隐私(Internet and Privacy),网络与危机(Internetand Potential Risks),网络和传统(Internet and the Chinesetradition)。四级可能会出现:Do you prefer to read online orread a traditional book/Do you prefer to shop online or shop in a regular store。读电子书还是传统书/喜欢线上购物还是线下购物等。


The Internet has penetrated everyaspect of daily life and exerted a huge impact on our work and study. Forexample, Microblogs and Wechat are two forms of new media. Various people,regardless of their age, gender or background, are involved in creating theirown microblogs and using Wechat.

There is much controversy overwhether the new technology is a boon or a bane. Some people believe that theInternet is a great asset. Modern technology considerably alters the way peoplecommunicate with each other. People can now acquire useful information onlinewith a click of the mouse. However, there is a growing concern about thepotential drawbacks the Internet, especially in terms of personal security. Forexample, WeChat may expose one’s location to strangers by positioning function,cheat one’s friends by faking identity, and lose one’s money in the electronicwallet.

Owing to the accelerated pace ofcontemporary life, people’s work and life are increasingly confined to a narrowspace. However, in face of new technology, we should be prudent. One shouldmake sensible use of technology, being a master rather than a slave of it.






Directions:For this part, you are allowed 30 minutes to write a composition on the topic“the importance of lifelong learning/lifelong education/reading books”.



In modern society where economy isdeveloping at a tremendous rate, the role of education has attracted extensiveattention from the general public. The hunger for education is understandable:these days it is a requirement for a decent job and an entry ticket to themiddle class.

Many complicated factors areinvolved in understanding the importance of lifelong education. Firstly, highereducation plays a key role in aiding students’ growth and development, so theycan get the opportunity to increase their knowledge and learn to beindependent. It is common to say that higher education opens up a great numberof job opportunities for people. Secondly, one objective of education is tohelp students to develop new perspectives and to strive for achievable socialand academic goals. Indeed, education can cultivate and elevate people’s mind,empowering us with confidence, courage and other virtues.

To sum up, education is aworthwhile investment. Immediate ways for advocating higher education studyremain elusive. However, public recognition of the necessity will represent thefirst step in finding effective measures.






Directions:For this part, you are allowed 30 minutes to write a composition on the topicof “Idol Worship”.

点评:曾经在考研和六级都考察过偶像崇拜,这种流行现象好几年未涉及了。其与第一题材有类似之处。过度包装(over-packaging),偶像崇拜(IdolWorship),网络红人(Internet Celebrity),电视广告(TVcommercial)都可以用同样的思路和素材。


Idol worship has become one of themost important representatives of popular culture in China. The past severalyears has seen the idol worshipping craze. Fans crazily pursue their idols indrama, movies, or live music concert. This phenomenon becomes increasinglyevident and eye-catching.

There are several reasons behindthis trend. The primary factor lies in education system. Nowadays, moststudents usually concentrate merely on their school performance but neglectother important aspects in life, such as psychological status. Therefore,students have to look for their role model in real life. Furthermore, it is themass media that should be blamed. Pop singers and all the other entertainersalways present their glamorous appearance and personality that young peopledesire to have. However, young people are just not mature enough to tell factfrom fiction.

There is much controversy overwhether this tendency is a boon or a bane. As far as I am concerned, it is justlike a double-edged sword. Excessive worship could only lead to undesirableconsequences. One should pay much more attention to his study and work.






1.Most students usually concentrate merely on their school performance butneglect the other important aspects in life.



idolworship 偶像崇拜

excessivepackaging 过度包装

TVcommercial 电视广告


Internetcelebrity 网红

brandreputation 品牌声誉

imagebuilding 建立形象


fakecommodity 伪劣商品


Directions:For this part, you are allowed 30 minutes to write a composition on the topic“My view on Happiness/Money/Struggle”.

点评:人生哲理类包括名言类的作文,这类作文建议多背一些精神品质类的句子,写作的时候可以具体化。Our Sense ofHappiness/Money/Struggle。


In recent years, as China is markedby rapid economic growth and continuous technological innovation, people’sliving standard has been very much improved. Therefore, they are more concernsabout how to enhance their sense of happiness.

Opinions vary when it comes to thedefinition of happiness. To begin with, as the job market is getting gloomy andcompetition is becoming fierce, it is increasingly difficult for collegeundergraduates to find a decent job. Happiness for me is to find a satisfactoryjob and to earn money to support my life. Furthermore, with the rapiddevelopment of the economy and society, public morality has declined to anextent. More and more people are becoming indifferent to the people around them.Happiness for me is to help those in need and contribute to the society.

To sum up, everyone should pursuehis or her own happiness. The time is right for us to take full advantage ofample existing opportunities. Happiness does not lie in the mere possession ofmoney; it lies in the joy of achievements.






1.As the job market is getting gloomy and competition is becoming fierce, it isincreasingly difficult for college undergraduates to find a decent job.


2.The late 90s had seen the birth and boom of the Internet, which was starting toconvince people of its advantage in speeding up communication.


3.With the rapid development of the economy and society, public morality hasdeclined to an extent, which can be attributed to the lack of proper education.



克服困难:overcome/surmount difficulty

对待失败:deal with/cope with failure

乐观态度:have a positive attitude

不劳无获:No pains, no gains.

抵制诱惑:resist temptation





合作:cooperation (=teamwork=collaboration);

乐观:optimism (adj. optimistic)


Directions:Write a letter to the president of your university, suggesting how to improvestudents’ physical condition.

点评:考试涉及到如果提高学校的图书馆服务(the service in thelibrary)和食堂服务(the canteen service on campus),如何促进学生的身体健康(physical health)和心理健康(mental health)。同时其也折射心理身体健康的话题。根据这个押题,请大家也关注书信体的写法。


DearMr. James,

I am one of the senior students inour university. I have recently found that many students are in poor healthcondition. I am writing this letter for the purpose of providing you somesuggestions concerning the ways to improve our physical conditions.

To begin with, the school shouldencourage students to do more exercise. With the quickening pace of urban lifeand ever-increasing pressure, people in growing numbers are suffering fromeither the physical or mental problems. Doing exercise can relax our mind,which in turn helps us to concentrate on academic study. Furthermore, the massmedia such as the radio station and TV program of our school should also joinin the efforts in educating the students. We should bear in mind that healthalways comes first.

I sincerely hope that we can have abetter condition in physical and mental health. Thank you for your time andconsideration.

Sincerely yours,

Li Ming








Part 3 写作的5个段子



Tobegin with, as the job market is getting gloomy and competition is becomingfierce, college students should be well equipped with practical experiencewhile still in college. Their summer and winter holidays should be used to gainvaluable work experience. Moreover, the expectations of employment play an importantpart. A large number of graduates tend to give first priority to earnings andaim for well-paid positions in foreign companies or big banks.



Firstof all, we are suffering greatly from the environmental destruction, whichbecomes increasingly severe. If there are less and less trees, then nothing canprevent the sand storm and dust storm. Secondly, the environment is the place inwhich we live. Environmental protection concerns ourselves and can ensureenvironmental sustainability for future generation.



Optimismis truly the fundamental attribute of top performers, which separates the highachievers from the rest of the pack. For example, honored for his success inbasketball, Yao Ming is always remembered for his spirit of optimism, whichshines through every page of his life. Also, optimism can be regarded as atraditional Chinese virtue that has been handed down from generation togeneration. We students should learn to deal with life with positive attitude.



Thereexist some misunderstandings between parents and their children. The young aremore educated and more influenced by western civilization. They believe inspending money rather than saving it. They are not so dependent on theirparents. They are more self-centered and do not blindly follow their parents’ideas. They tend to have their own philosophy of life. However, everyone stillhas the duty to take care of our parents, especially when they are old andsick. Also an increasing aging population will have enormous consequences forany society.



TheInternet could exert a huge impact on our traditional cultures. Over the courseof thousands of years, the Chinese people have created their own unique customsand traditions, and passed them on from one generation to the next. However, agrowing number of people become increasingly concerned that China’s culturalheritage could become marginalized or even disappear entirely. The Internet hasbrought more and more western cultures to China and children are more likely tobe exposed in the western cultures. There is a danger that age-old customs andtraditions may become lost in the shadows of modernization.


Part 4 翻译重点词汇



与时俱进:keep pace with the times

老龄化人口:aging population

人口出生率:birth rate

维护社会稳定和和谐:safeguard social harmony andstability

资源节约、环境友好社会:a resource-conserving, environment-friendlysociety

创新是引领发展的第一动力:innovation is the primary engine ofdevelopment

古代文明:ancient civilization

文化遗产:cultural heritage

乡村文化:rural culture

民族文化:national culture

民间艺术:folk art


阳历/阴历:solar calendar/lunarcalendar





基因芯片:genetic chip

改革开放:reform and opening-up

航天技术:space technology

尖端技术:state-of-the-arttechnology/cutting-edged technology



环境保护:environmental protection

开发可再生资源:develop renewable resources


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